Welcome to Salubritas™, makers of all-natural and organic deodorant made from only the purest ingredients. We're all about creating high quality, effective products that nurture your body and the planet.


DEODORANT  Our deodorant is made with organic shea butter, sodium bicarbonate (good ol' fashioned baking soda), organic cocoa butter, organic arrowroot powder, organic coconut oil, and organic essential oils or flavor oils.   

To use the balm: simply scoop out a pea-sized amount with back of fingernail, smooth in palm and apply to underarm region. Check those underarm lymph nodes and give yourself a little lymphatic massage all in the time it takes to apply your deodorant. We like two-fers. Or three-fers in this case.

                             To use the stick: simply swipe on.

          Say ba-bye to odor because this stuff works! 

          No time for a shower? Just apply a little Salubritas and you're good to go. We call it the "insta-shower". And believe us--we've put it to the test on backpacking and mountain biking trips.


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           Salubritas™--for your good health and wholesomeness.

--Kellie & John